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It's been so long but i finally managed to at least try to do some more commisions
Point commisions at least
Because i don't know how to set up a proper form to download i'm just going to write it here
Soo here's how it goes:

For now i will not draw: Complex Mecha(full body robots or machinery) NSFW pieces, Excessive Gore

In order to have a commision from me you'll need to fill this form first, in order to make everything user friendly

Per 1 character:
 Name/Nickname: to maybe write it down somewhere , where i could see fit
 Gender: this is mandatory , in order for me to get you character proper body proportions
 Extra: if you have any suggestions, for your character ( for example in a portrait, he/she should have a scarf, things like that )
 Refference: a full body refference of your character

Per 2 characters:
 Names/Nicknames: ^same as above^
 Gender: ^same as above^
 Interaction: if you want your characters to interact with each other ( like a high five, awkward handshake , hugs , taking a selfie)
 Extra: ^same as above^
 Refferences: a refference for each character that you would like me to draw, send them individually

I will do only 2 characters per picture because this is the only things that i can do for now , so be patient
You can submit multiple commisions at once , be sure to fill the form for each character

In terms of duration: there will be no specified time , because life gets in the way , however i'll message you when i'm going to start the commision and when is finished, and maybe a message in between for any case

EDIT: You can send me the points whenever you feel like it, before or after the commision is finished


Now i'm going to show your the Commisions options you have available:

1. Cell Shading/ Colored Sketch Portrait - 50 Points per character

Remake!! by SenSyota  [OC]Downtown by SenSyotaHailee ~original story~ by SenSyota

2 . Soft Shading/Detailed Portrait (with custom background) -75 Points per character

The Fall of the Royals by SenSyota Gift - Kyofu Daysuke by SenSyotaReady for explosion by SenSyota

3. PopArt/ Ink stylized Portraits / Half Body -80 Points  per character (because i rarely do this kind of style but i want to practice it more)

Purple by SenSyota Syota Pop Art by SenSyota

4. Cell Shading/Colored Sketched  Half Body-100 Points per character

AT Rei -remake- by SenSyota Peace y'all by SenSyota

5.Soft Shaded /Detalied Half Body-150 Points  per character
l S y o t a  l by SenSyota[OC]Galaxy Exclamation by SenSyota

6.Cell Shading/ Full Body-200 Points  per character
Omori Sen Syota by SenSyotaOmori Sen Satoshi by SenSyota
7.Soft Shaded/ Detailed Full Body- 250 Points  per character (for more complex/ complicated details or anatomy work the price will be higher, because it will be time consuming)

Feeling any better? by SenSyota

These are all the options for now
IF you have any questions feel free to ask me down below
and feel free to write down if you want to commision me , filling the form above and telling me which type of commision you would like
I really excited to see what you guys have in mind

Have an amazing day


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LordOrenamus Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017
Hello, thank you for the watch ! I hope you'll enjoy my next deviations :)
AlexAceves30 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 5, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for the watch and fave
lovitlight Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch, really :D
AquaEther Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch.sorry its really late to said it..
Samayl-v Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank-You by Samayl-v  Thank you for the watch! Welcome along for the ride. I hope I can entertain!
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